Design and Document your API

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Powerful and user friendly API designer

API Designer

Define data model, API operations, payloads, parameters, headers and responses in a consistent and elaborate way. Unlimited content hierarchy and effective navigation make your documentation well organized and easy to read.

Prevent duplication

Don't duplicate yourself; use common parameters and responses, organize them into the common patterns.

Swagger / Open API

Generate Swagger spec from the code, import it to Speca, that will be a perfect starting point. Extend CI workflow and your documentation will always stay in sync with the code, thanks to our public update/merge API!


Start using the API before you wrote any code, our mock server matches request details to the specific operation and responds with a data generated dynamically according to the response schema.


Full version lifecycle support - make a draft, publish, freeze by marking readonly and archive.

CommonMark descriptions

Utilize all the simplicity and power of CommonMark (Markdown) in general documentation blocks and in any description field.

Embedded API console

Quickly check the response straight from the API designer; Make documentation truly interactive by enabling console.

Enjoy auto-generated modern looking documentation

Auto-generated, customizable API documentation


Inspired by the best API documentation examples - Twitter, Box, Github, Stripe, Twilio, Instagram and a lot more...


Tune up view settings to produce best documentation for your domain - layout, name versus http method plus uri in sidebar, inline common pieces etc...

SEO friendly

Produced static HTML version is accessible by the search engine crawlers (public specs only).

Integrate with the whole API world

Internal spec format is fully compatible with Open API


At the moment Speca supports Open API 2(aka Swagger) with few minor limitations, and adds a whole bunch of extra features on top of it, such as more complete JSON Schema support, Traits, global parameters and responses, CommonMark, unlimited content structure and thought-through navigation.

You also may find API Transformer tool useful if you have spec in a different format. * Most recent Open API 3 format support in on the way.


Produce Postman collection and move your API testing to the next level or... enable whole other API world by exporting your spec in Swagger2 or OAS 3 format.


We store content in our own format aimed to be as close to OAI as possible.

We also provide Git interface to collaborate on the specification.

$ git clone